How much leather do I need? & Leather By The Yard


Leather is typically sold per square meter (m2) or square feet (ft2), decided to simplify the purchasing process, selling skins individually, indicating the minimum guaranteed size that you can receive when you order one of our products. Because we indicate the minimum size, generally the skins that you can receive have bigger sizes, up to 20-30% more.



At this point you must have a project or a design from which to infer the amount of necessary skin, to which must be added a 20% of unusable waste.



  • 1 m2 = 1.2 square Yard = 11.11 square feet = 1550 square inches
  • for making a leather sofa you need approximately 220 ft2 = 20 m2




Upholstery leather by the yard?

Many designers and furniture upholsterers are accustomed to purchasing fabric in yards, below is a conversion chart for converting yards of fabric to square feet of leather.

Leather By th Yard 





The following figures represent the approximate yards material and square footage of leather needed to upholster the type of furniture shown.

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